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Processing for Style

Processing and editing my images form part of my workflow. It allows me to create my own unique style that will attract the clients I would like to work with.

I work with both Lightroom & Photoshop to create my desired look & feel for each of my shoots.

The purpose of this mentorship is not to tell you how to edit, but rather to show you the tools at your disposal to be able to create your own style that will suit your market.

However, my mentorship is not only for those advanced users but for those who are wanting to make processing part of their workflow and are starting with limited or no knowledge.

There is no standard curriculum I follow as each individual is mentored according to their level of expertise as well as their specific genre of photography they focus on.

A free 1 hour consultation is used to identify your specific requirements so that I may focus on the areas you need mentoring on.

Once we have decided on a way forward, we can then start the mentoring session.

Each session is an hour of intense mentoring and can be managed at your own pace.

The sessions will be driven by you and you will be required to choose what will be discussed during the session as well as how often you would like to "meet up".

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Business of Photography

The Business of Photography is often more difficult to come to grips with than photography itself.

This program has been designed to assist photographers in achieving their goals, to guide them into creating beautiful images and the difficult decisions that need to be made to grow a successful photography business.

In my 10 years as a professional photographer, I have been through many ups & downs, have had to make many difficult decisions and have squandered time and money listening to some really bad advice.

My journey has taught me that my time and money is precious and both need to be spent wisely and carefully.

For the last 5 years I have been teaching and guiding photographers at all levels to reach their potential and have had huge success in achieving this through the way I teach. Let me explain very simply;


I have recently expanded my mentorship to an on-line platform where I no longer need the use of a Studio to guide you. Using current technology, I am now able to mentor you from the comfort of your own home or office and we can schedule sessions at our convenience.

This LIVE interaction allows us to communicate in real time and to ask questions as we go along. With the aid of this technology I am able to share my screen with you as well as guide you on your screen…..all in real time.

So what do we need to make this happen;

• Stable WiFi connection to the internet

• Laptop or Desktop

• Microphone so that we can communicate

• Webcam, but this is not a necessity


The next step is make an appointment with me where we will have a free 1 hour consultation on-line and decide on the best way forward to improving your skill level.

All mentoring will then be specifically setup according to your needs.

Personalised Mentorship for:

• Fundamentals of Digital Photography

• The Business of Photography

• Marketing for Success

• Pricing for Profit

• Lightroom & Photoshop

• Creating your Unique Style

• Streamline your Workflow

• Presentation of your Work

• Advanced Editing Skills

• Building your Brand

• What Gear do I need?

• Opening a Studio


Spend 2 full day with me on a shoot at a beautiful location with 2 professional models where I will take you through my complete workflow from concept to final images.

This is not a workshop, but an opportunity to be actively involved in a process that will inspire you to become a more confident and successful photographer.

Your time spent will be challenging and will require practical application, as it is on any shoot.

The group is limited photographers, allowing me to spend quality time with everyone. So if you are looking for inspiration then this is where you will find it.

Below is a brief outline of what we will cover during this 2 day intense session


Group discussion

• Short introduction of everyone

• Outlining the day ahead

Understanding the brief

• Make sure you understand client expectation

• Can you fulfill the requirements

• Communication


• Having a clear idea of what you will accomplish

Choosing your model

• How to make sure they fit the concept

• The meeting

Choosing the team

• Assistants

• Stylists

• Make up

• Hair


Managing expectation

• Your team and the client

Makeup, wardrobe & hair

• Importance of having input

• Must have same vision

• Working together

Creating mood boards

• How to

• Or who

• Importance

Communication with team

• Before, during and after shoot

Scouting the location

• Who scouts

• Reasons for scouting

• What are you looking for

• When to scout

Understanding the light

• Time of day

• Direction

• What if ?

Equipment decisions

• What lenses

• What lights

• Other important items for the shoot

Planning for the day of the shoot

• Isn’t the planning already done

• What’s left to do


How to work with the model

• How to build report

• Behaviour on set

• How to make them comfortable

• Communication

Giving direction

• Why give direction

• How to give direction

• Silence is a killer

Communicating your ideas

• How to get the flow going

• Body language


• It’s not the models job

• Poses that flow into each other

• Understanding the body form

• Angles to shoot


• Who sets the mood

• How do you get the mood you want

• How to get the mood you want without talking

Reading the light

• Light create mood

Understanding light and shadows

Understand composition

• What make a good shot

• What questions to ask

• It’s not always about the model

Working with natural light & reflectors

When to use strobes

Creating mood with music

Keeping the team focussed

• Shoots can last long

Getting your shots

• Shooting the same pose 100 times

• When to move on

Shooting out the box

• Why do it

• Creative expression

Remembering to have fun



Optimizing your workflow

• From card to Lightroom

• Desktop or Laptop

• Backing up

Image selection

• Shooting in sets

• How many to choose

Which images to cull

• Why cull

• How to be ruthless

B&W or colour

• What make a good colour shot

• What make a good B&W shot

Basic Lightroom edits

• Where to start

Colour grading for mood and style

• Why colour grade at all

• Why create a style

When to use Photoshop

• What can’t you do in Lightroom

Creating your own style

• Editing

• Shooting

Final image presentation to client

• How do you present to client

• How to be professional

Managing your Social Media

• What images do you post

• What criteria to use


What to bring

• Camera

• Lenses

• Laptop with WiFi

If you decide to join this group, I will need you to send me your Instagram Account, your Website and your Facebook page.

Please choose not more than 10 of your best images for submission at least 2 weeks prior to the start.

How to secure your spot

Because there is a limited number of photographers, a 50% deposit will be require to secure your place. The balance will be due one week before the commencement of the INSPIRE session.

Setting the date

The location will still need to be booked, so once the group has been filled I will be able to then liaise with all on a suitable date.

Banking details

Craig Anderson Photo

FNB Newton Park

Acc: 6243 051 2493

Please use your name as reference

Cost per person


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